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Eager Assess

Insights from those on the front lines

Receive Actionable Feedback

Forget what you think you know about assessments. Our innovative peer driven process provides insight into your team's strengths and opportunities.

The results provide each contributor with a unique perspective on their current competencies, learning opportunities, and actionable verbatims.

And leaders receive deep insights they won't find elsewhere and training on how to effectively deliver the feedback and coaching their team needs.

Eager Improve

Facilitated best practices

Personalized Learning

Whether you're a contributor looking for professional coaching, or you're a manager look to help grow your team, we have a solution for you.

Manager Tools

Our tools enhance 1:1s with automated resource discovery, delivery, and practices.

Expert Coaching

Our expert coaches provide guidance and support for individual development and growth in regular or on demand sessions.

Eager Connect

Learn, help, and grow with other like minded professionals


Inclusive Groups,
Exclusive Experiences

Join our network of professionals and get connected in the ways you prefer. We matchmake you based not only on where you are in your career, but also what you want to achieve. Grow, and mentor, with other eager minded individuals.

Our Mission

My story is a familiar one. I began my career as an engineer, rose to be a technical lead, and eventually began managing people. Over the years, I've managed both small and large teams, individual contributors and leaders of leaders, across growing organizations and established ones. I've developed rising contributors and emerging leaders, and I've refined my practices in collaboration with the many companies and leaders I've coached and advised.

Throughout my years, the one constant I've observed is that an engaged, growing, and improving team does not happen by accident. It's the result of hard work, good information, and the proper resources and tools applied with great care.

Unfortunately many companies today are struggling to deliver the performance feedback and professional development their staff demands. This leads to underperformance, disengagement, and departure. We believe we can help.

This led us to found Eager Labs with a simple mission:

We want to help a million people improve professionally.

How are we going to help a million people improve professionally? Simply put, we're going to do it one person at a time - by helping a contributor shift to a solution-oriented mindset and delivering actionable options to their manager rather than just complaints, by helping a new manager practice delivering challenging feedback and assess their own effectiveness, by helping a first time CEO identify key contributors going overlooked and at risk of leaving if unrecognized.

You'll see our mission everywhere. You'll see it all over our site. You'll hear me say it in every speech I give. And, I can guarantee you, you'll feel it every time you use one of our products.

I've been called "irrationally helpful" - let me know how Eager Labs can help you.

Sean Lindsay
Founder, Eager Labs